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rpc: implement websockets with (#19866)

Authored by Felix Lange <> on Jul 22 2019, 10:22 AM.


rpc: implement websockets with (#19866)

  • rpc: implement websockets with

This change makes package rpc use the
package for WebSockets instead of The new
library is more robust and supports all WebSocket features including
continuation frames.

There are new tests for two issues with the previously-used library:

  • TestWebsocketClientPing checks handling of Ping frames.
  • TestWebsocketLargeCall checks whether the request size limit is applied correctly.
  • rpc: raise HTTP/WebSocket request size limit to 5MB
  • rpc: remove default origin for client connections

The client used to put the local hostname into the Origin header because
the server wanted an origin to accept the connection, but that's silly:
Origin is for browsers/websites. The nobody would whitelist a particular

Now that the server doesn't need Origin anymore, don't bother setting
one for clients. Users who need an origin can use DialWebsocket to
create a client with arbitrary origin if needed.

  • vendor: put back
  • rpc: don't set Origin header for empty (default) origin
  • rpc: add HTTP status code to handshake error

This makes it easier to debug failing connections.

  • ethstats: use
  • rpc: fix lint


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Péter Szilágyi <> committed rGETH04e175b8ecc9: rpc: implement websockets with (#19866) (authored by Felix Lange <>).Jul 22 2019, 10:22 AM