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Merge pull request #28 from etclabscore/track/release-eth192


Merge pull request #28 from etclabscore/track/release-eth192

Track/release eth192

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GitHub <noreply@github.com> committed rGETH5a371064f7b8: Merge pull request #28 from etclabscore/track/release-eth192 (authored by meowsbits <45600330+meowsbits@users.noreply.github.com>).Sep 3 2019, 3:55 PM

Merged Changes

This commit merges a very large number of changes. Only the first 50 are shown.
1f9814ccab46Tomasz Zdybał
p2p: allow detailed error messages in tests 
Aug 28
cmd/utils,core/vm,params: gofmt 
Aug 28
core/vm: use JumpTable type instead of generic 
Aug 28
tests: fix missing import 'errors' 
Aug 28
tests: unhandle tests with +eip names 
Aug 28
core/vm: fix jump table type and jt/config instantiation 
Aug 28
core/vm: add missing constantgas fields 
Aug 28
core/vm: set fork-defined revised gas costs in jump table 
Aug 28
core/vm: fix Istanbul->Byzantium precomp contract var names 
Aug 28
les,params: implement CheckpointOracle feature for ETH-std networks 
Aug 27
eth,les: fix TrustedCheckpoint configured vars 
Aug 27
params: removed unused params.GasTable method 
Aug 27
core/vm: remove unused import 
Aug 27
core/vm: fix chainrules eip1580->eip161 for gas suicide 
Aug 27
Merge remote-tracking branch 'foundation/release/1.9' into track/release-eth192 
Aug 27
Merge pull request #112 from tpmccallum/patch-1 
Aug 22
49115082e94fTimothy McCallum/GitHub
Update readme to resolve error 
Aug 21
e76047e9f549Péter Szilágyi
params: release Geth v1.9.2 
Aug 13
34d7503d95bfPéter Szilágyi/GitHub
Merge pull request #19942 from karalabe/cht-1.9.2 
Aug 12
9b8d72765521ligi/Péter Szilágyi
cmd/clef: fix typo introduced in #19932 (#19946) 
Aug 12
df6c08a48527gary rong/Péter Szilágyi
core, trie: decode the value for storage dump (#19943) 
Aug 12
423fd5877d67Péter Szilágyi
params: update CHT to 12th August, 2019 
Aug 12
8657a0d6b577gary rong/Péter Szilágyi
les: degrade the log level (#19939) 
Aug 12
36994e4e0b2bSjonHortensius/Péter Szilágyi
all: replace passPHRASE with passWORD in user interactions (#19932) 
Aug 12
c9cdf144d55fgary rong/Péter Szilágyi
graphql, internal/ethapi: support overriding accounts in eth_call (#19917) 
Aug 8
081642ed255fMartin Holst Swende/Péter Szilágyi
Eip 1344 (ChainID opcode) (#19921) 
Aug 8
17589aa75fdfRoc Yu/Péter Szilágyi
accounts, internal/ethapi: use common Accounts method (#18428) 
Aug 8
3e993ff64a9cMartin Holst Swende/Péter Szilágyi
Eip 1884 v3 (#19743) 
Aug 8
f3478f2899e8Aleksey @soar Smyrnov/Péter Szilágyi
internal/build: fix commit extraction for detached head repo (#18315) 
Aug 8
f891fd98754bCorey Lin/Péter Szilágyi
core/vm: fix comment grammar (#19923) 
Aug 7
beff5fa578b5Antonio Salazar Cardozo/Péter Szilágyi
params, core/vm: Istanbul EIP-1108 bn256 gas cost reduction (#19904) 
Aug 6
aa6005b469fdMartin Holst Swende/Péter Szilágyi
core/vm, params: refactor chain configuration (#19735) 
Aug 5
a7de796840eeFelföldi Zsolt/GitHub
les: implement new client pool (#19745) 
Aug 3
947f5f2b152egary rong/Martin Holst Swende
accounts/abi, signer/fourbyte: fix incorrect signature (#19881) 
Aug 2
e46a01d56c19Péter Szilágyi/GitHub
ethdb/memorydb: allow noop compact on memdb (#19907) 
Aug 1
7f3362595a3bPéter Szilágyi/GitHub
Merge pull request #19902 from karalabe/simulated-close 
Jul 31
140a7e917784Péter Szilágyi
accounts/abi/bind: support closing a simulated backend 
Jul 31
96ab8e1575bbFelix Lange/Péter Szilágyi
internal/ethapi: return null inclusion info for pending transactions (#19901) 
Jul 30
f34a3a68054eFrank Szendzielarz/Péter Szilágyi
cmd/clef: fix colored output on Windows (#19889) 
Jul 25
8812c4d3f9f5gary rong/Péter Szilágyi
eth, graphql, internal/ethapi, les: polish and improve graphql (#19886) 
Jul 25
e4232c153ba9gary rong/Péter Szilágyi
ineternal/ethapi: wrap block size with hex.Uint64 (#19885) 
Jul 25
389bd75142eaTyler Ferrara/Péter Szilágyi
travis: isolate linter and tests jobs (#19883) 
Jul 25
08e5cd94a9bePéter Szilágyi
params: begin Geth v1.9.2 release cycle 
Jul 24
b7b2f60f866dPéter Szilágyi
params: release Geth v1.9.1 
Jul 24
530f78e22de9gary rong/Péter Szilágyi
eth, internal, les: add getHeaderBy* APIs (#19669) 
Jul 23
57d9c93dcdf8Alexander van der Meij/Péter Szilágyi
vendor, internal/build: fix OpenBSD by bumping Azure libs (#17966) 
Jul 23
4f56790efc0dPéter Szilágyi/GitHub
signer/fourbytes: fix up error messages (#19877) 
Jul 23
78ab411aacfbPéter Szilágyi/GitHub
Merge pull request #19875 from karalabe/dev-4gb-cache 
Jul 23
f08eb0489657gary rong/Péter Szilágyi
les: get rid of testing tx journal (#19876) 
Jul 23
3b96c17fc148wbt/Péter Szilágyi
cmd/faucet: add grace period to faucet timeout (#18105) 
Jul 23