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Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/ethereum/go-ethereum

Authored by sorpaas on Jan 8 2019, 6:21 PM.


Merged Changes

ae857e74bfdaholisticode/Viktor Trón
swarm, p2p/protocols: Stream accounting (#18337) 
Jan 7
56a3f6c03cc3Janoš Guljaš/Anton Evangelatov
swarm/storage/mock/test: fix T.Fatal inside a goroutine (#18399) 
Jan 7
356c49fa7ec8Janoš Guljaš/Anton Evangelatov
swarm: Shed Index and Uint64Field additions (#18398) 
Jan 7
428eabe28d10Sean/Péter Szilágyi
cmd/geth: support dumpconfig optionally saving to file (#18327) 
Jan 7
e05d46807525Yondon Fu/Péter Szilágyi
internal/ethapi: ask transaction pool for pending nonce (#15794) 
Jan 7
aca588a8e434Jeremy Schlatter/Péter Szilágyi
accounts/keystore: small code simplification (#18394) 
Jan 7
fe03b76ffe9fFerenc Szabo/Viktor Trón
A few minor code inspection fixes (#18393) 
Jan 6
072c95fb74acJeremy Schlatter/Martin Holst Swende
accounts/keystore: fix comment typo (#18395) 
Jan 5
e8ff318205begary rong/Martin Holst Swende
eth/tracer: extend create2 (#18318) 
Jan 5
c1c43011211ePéter Szilágyi/GitHub
Merge pull request #18371 from jeremyschlatter/patch-1 
Jan 4
391d4cb9b53ePéter Szilágyi/GitHub
Merge pull request #18390 from realdave/remove-sha3-pkg 
Jan 4
3f421aca54bbHa ĐANG/Péter Szilágyi
cmd/puppeth: fix panic error when export aleth genesis wo/ precompile-addresses… 
Jan 4
8ec344bf604aPéter Szilágyi
vendor: update the entire golang.org/x/crypto dependency 
Jan 4
33d233d3e183Dave McGregor/Péter Szilágyi
vendor, crypto, swarm: switch over to upstream sha3 package 
Jan 4
49975264a8d3Anton Evangelatov/GitHub
swarm/docker: Dockerfile for swarm:edge docker image (#18386) 
Jan 3
1ea5279d5d7cHackyMiner/Guillaume Ballet
vendor: vendor/github.com/mattn/go-isatty - add missing files (reported by… 
Jan 3
27913dd226e3Dragan Milic/Guillaume Ballet
accounts/abi/bind: add optional block number for calls (#17942) 
Jan 3
ddaf48bf84b3Samuel Marks/Péter Szilágyi
travis, appveyor: bump to Go 1.11.4 (#18314) 
Jan 3
57a90ad450c5Rick/Péter Szilágyi
build: add LGPL license at update-license.go (#18377) 
Jan 3
1d284c201d33Janoš Guljaš/Viktor Trón
swarm/storage: change Proximity function and add TestProximity test (#18379) 
Jan 3
b025053ab03bMartin Alex Philip Dawson/Guillaume Ballet
rpc: Warn the user when the path name is too long for the Unix ipc endpoint… 
Jan 2
9bfd0b60cc5aGuillaume Ballet/GitHub
accounts/abi: fix case of generated java functions (#18372) 
Jan 2
a4af734328d5Matt K/Guillaume Ballet
accounts/abi: change unpacking of abi fields w/ underscores (#16513) 
Dec 29 2018
6537ab5dd345Jeremy Schlatter/GitHub
core/types: update incorrect comment 
Dec 29 2018
735343430decweimumu/Guillaume Ballet
fix string array unpack bug in accounts/abi (#18364) 
Dec 28 2018