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Merge branch 'master' of github.com:etclabscore/multi-geth into s1-core-sync

Authored by soc1c <soc1c@users.noreply.github.com> on Thu, Oct 24, 8:41 AM.


Merge branch 'master' of github.com:etclabscore/multi-geth into s1-core-sync

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soc1c <soc1c@users.noreply.github.com> committed rGETH9bf19660f367: Merge branch 'master' of github.com:etclabscore/multi-geth into s1-core-sync (authored by soc1c <soc1c@users.noreply.github.com>).Thu, Oct 24, 8:41 AM

Merged Changes

Merge pull request #38 from etclabscore/feat/mordor-chainconfig 
Oct 18
params: fix typo in Mordor params comment 
Oct 18
cmd/{faucet,geth,utils}: add --mordor flag configs 
Oct 15
core: fix hexutil config value; cannot have leading 0's 
Oct 15
core,params: add Mordor support to chain config params 
Oct 15
57bfb87a82b6Tomasz Zdybał/GitHub
Merge pull request #34 from etclabscore/go-modules 
Sep 21
4ef12351848dTomasz Zdybał
go.mod,go.sum: updated go modules files 
Sep 16
723426fd8757Tomasz Zdybał
all: fix linter errors 
Sep 16
29cc39d88de5Tomasz Zdybał
accounts: use local directory for bind tests 
Sep 12
729e4cae6204Tomasz Zdybał
internal/build: ensure modules are downloaded before expanding packages 
Sep 12
b541f9ad3520Tomasz Zdybał
.travis.yml: update to go v1.13.x 
Sep 12
4e579aeeec36Tomasz Zdybał
go.*: updated go.mod and go.sum files 
Sep 12
4901666f9db9Tomasz Zdybał
build: switch to golangci-lint 
Sep 12
24e0dbab4454Tomasz Zdybał
accounts: updated pcsc API call 
Sep 12
188ad310a95fTomasz Zdybał
crypto,les,p2p,tests: flags workaround in tests 
Sep 12
0ccc77b57875Tomasz Zdybał
vendor: remove vendored packages 
Sep 12
d29f54bdd9e7Tomasz Zdybał
build/ci.go: execute gometalinter without modules 
Sep 12
2b5d6e13a3bbTomasz Zdybał
build/ci.go: different options for gometalinter 
Sep 12
cbd92697e15dTomasz Zdybał
build: enable modules before getting gometalinter 
Sep 12
03bb4a9b8163Tomasz Zdybał
Makefile,go.*,build: use Go modules 
Sep 12
988cb671455eTomasz Zdybał
go.mod: Go modules initialization 
Sep 12

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