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Merge tag 'v1.8.21'

Authored by sorpaas on Jan 20 2019, 10:10 PM.


Merge tag 'v1.8.21'

Merged Changes

9dc5d1a915acPéter Szilágyi
params, swarm: release Geth v1.8.21 and Swarm v0.3.9 
Jan 15
c03f694be5c8Péter Szilágyi/GitHub
Merge pull request #18454 from karalabe/postpone-constantinople 
Jan 15
2a2fd5adf8f9Péter Szilágyi
params: postpone Constantinople due to net SSTORE reentrancy 
Jan 15
115b1c38ac45Guillaume Ballet/GitHub
accounts/abi: Add tests for reflection ahead of refactor (#18434) 
Jan 15
4aeeecfded13gluk256/Anton Evangelatov
swarm/pot: each() functions refactored (#18452) 
Jan 15
1636d9574be4gluk256/Viktor Trón
swarm/pot: pot.remove fixed (#18431) 
Jan 11
88168ff5c57bholisticode/Viktor Trón
Stream subscriptions (#18355) 
Jan 11
d5cad488be00gary rong/Péter Szilágyi
core, eth: fix database version (#18429) 
Jan 11
2eb838ed9776Ferenc Szabo/Felix Lange
p2p/simulations: eliminate concept of pivot (#18426) 
Jan 11
38cce9ac333dGuillaume Ballet/Martin Holst Swende
accounts/abi: Extra slice tests (#18424) 
Jan 10
7240f4d800d3lash/Viktor Trón
swarm/network: Rename minproxbinsize, add as member of simulation (#18408) 
Jan 10
7ca40306af9dgary rong/Guillaume Ballet
accounts/abi: tuple support (#18406) 
Jan 10
6df3e4eeb0ddViktor Trón/GitHub
swarm/network: remove isproxbin bool from kad.Each* iterfunc (#18239) 
Jan 10
d70c4faf20d5Janoš Guljaš/Viktor Trón
swarm: Fix T.Fatal inside a goroutine in tests (#18409) 
Jan 9
81f04fa60608Anton Evangelatov/GitHub
github: remove swarm github codeowners (#18412) 
Jan 8