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core: improve snapshot journal recovery (#21594)


core: improve snapshot journal recovery (#21594)

  • core/state/snapshot: introduce snapshot journal version
  • core: update the disk layer in an atomic way
  • core: persist the disk layer generator periodically
  • core/state/snapshot: improve logging
  • core/state/snapshot: forcibly ensure the legacy snapshot is matched
  • core/state/snapshot: add debug logs
  • core, tests: fix tests and special recovery case
  • core: polish
  • core: add more blockchain tests for snapshot recovery
  • core/state: fix comment
  • core: add recovery flag for snapshot
  • core: add restart after start-after-crash tests
  • core/rawdb: fix imports
  • core: fix tests
  • core: remove log
  • core/state/snapshot: fix snapshot
  • core: avoid callbacks in SetHead
  • core: fix setHead cornercase where the threshold root has state
  • core: small docs for the test cases

Co-authored-by: Péter Szilágyi <>


gary rong <>Authored on Thu, Oct 29, 7:01 PM
GitHub <>Committed on Thu, Oct 29, 7:01 PM
rGETH43c278cdf93d: core/state: disable snapshot iteration if it's not fully constructed (#21682)

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GitHub <> committed rGETHb63e3c37a62b: core: improve snapshot journal recovery (#21594) (authored by gary rong <>).Thu, Oct 29, 7:01 PM