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accounts/abi: added abi test cases, minor bug fixes (#20903)

Authored by Marius van der Wijden <> on Apr 27 2020, 1:07 PM.


accounts/abi: added abi test cases, minor bug fixes (#20903)

  • accounts/abi: added documentation
  • accounts/abi: reduced usage of arguments.LengthNonIndexed
  • accounts/abi: simplified reflection logic
  • accounts/abi: moved testjson data into global declaration
  • accounts/abi: removed duplicate test cases
  • accounts/abi: reworked abi tests
  • accounts/abi: added more tests for abi packing
  • accounts/abi/bind: refactored base tests
  • accounts/abi: run pack tests as subtests
  • accounts/abi: removed duplicate tests
  • accounts/abi: removed unnused arguments.LengthNonIndexed

Due to refactors to the code, we do not need the arguments.LengthNonIndexed function anymore.
You can still get the length by calling len(arguments.NonIndexed())

  • accounts/abi: added type test
  • accounts/abi: modified unpack test to pack test
  • accounts/abi: length check on arrayTy
  • accounts/abi: test invalid abi
  • accounts/abi: fixed rebase error
  • accounts/abi: fixed rebase errors
  • accounts/abi: removed unused definition
  • accounts/abi: merged packing/unpacking tests
  • accounts/abi: fixed [][][32]bytes encoding
  • accounts/abi: added tuple test cases
  • accounts/abi: renamed getMockLog -> newMockLog
  • accounts/abi: removed duplicate test
  • accounts/abi: bools -> booleans


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GitHub <> committed rGETHe32ee6ac05af: accounts/abi: added abi test cases, minor bug fixes (#20903) (authored by Marius van der Wijden <>).Apr 27 2020, 1:07 PM