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Merge branch 'release/1.9' of https://github.com/ethereum/go-ethereum

Authored by sorpaas on Nov 11 2019, 10:27 PM.


Merge branch 'release/1.9' of https://github.com/ethereum/go-ethereum

Merged Changes

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a718daa674a2Péter Szilágyi
params: release Geth v1.9.7 
Nov 7
b9bac1f384cegary rong/Felföldi Zsolt
les: fix and slim the unit tests of les (#20247) 
Nov 6
fc3661f89ccdPéter Szilágyi/GitHub
Merge pull request #20248 from karalabe/cht-1.9.7 
Nov 6
9948724debefPéter Szilágyi
params: hard-code new CHTs for the 1.9.7 release 
Nov 6
c702bd70edf7Péter Szilágyi
travis: bump linter to Go 1.13.x 
Nov 5
734e00af9e9aPéter Szilágyi/GitHub
travis, build, internal: use own Go bundle for PPA builds (#20240) 
Nov 5
b566cfdffdc5Martin Holst Swende/Péter Szilágyi
core/evm: avoid copying memory for input in calls (#20177) 
Nov 4
7a6d5d0cce16gary rong/Péter Szilágyi
cmd/puppeth: integrate istanbul into puppeth (#19926) 
Nov 4
0ff73804652ePéter Szilágyi/GitHub
Merge pull request #20231 from SamuelMarks/go1.13.4 
Nov 4
0ce5e113be8cgary rong/Felföldi Zsolt
les: rework clientpool (#20077) 
Nov 2
86fe283d1944Samuel Marks
appveyor: bump to Go 1.13.4 
Nov 2
44b74cfc40abgary rong/Guillaume Ballet
accounts/abi: add internalType information and fix issues (#20179) 
Oct 31
9278951a626fMartin Holst Swende/Péter Szilágyi
params, core/forkid: configure mainnet istanbul block 9069K (#20222) 
Oct 31
12f2a25d5e58Péter Szilágyi/GitHub
Merge pull request #20225 from karalabe/forkid-eth-handshake-verification-plus 
Oct 31
8927f7724aa1Péter Szilágyi
cmd/devp2p, core/forkid: make forkid.Filter API uniform 
Oct 31
93422e9d1506Péter Szilágyi/GitHub
Merge pull request #20140 from karalabe/eth64-handshake-forkid 
Oct 30
5d91acccd5b1gary rong/Felix Lange
miner: increase import time allowance (#20217) 
Oct 30
9641cacea87fPéter Szilágyi/Felix Lange
core/forkid: add two clauses for more precise validation (#20220) 
Oct 30
64571f9379fdPéter Szilágyi
eth: eth/64 - extend handshake packet with fork id 
Oct 29
e30630441402Péter Szilágyi/GitHub
Merge pull request #20204 from holiman/fix_downloader_race 
Oct 29
2c37142d2f17Felix Lange/Péter Szilágyi
cmd/devp2p, p2p: dial using node iterator, discovery crawler (#20132) 
Oct 29
3eca7b5d2770Martin Holst Swende
eth/downloader: fix data race in downloader 
Oct 29
b0b277525cb4Michael Forney/Felix Lange
core/asm: assembly parser label fixes (#20210) 
Oct 29
ecdbb402ee08gary rong/Felix Lange
trie: remove node ordering slice in sync batch (#19929) 
Oct 28
9c81387befa1Michael Forney/Felix Lange
cmd/evm: remove surrounding whitespace in hex input code (#20211) 
Oct 28
72617a074239Guillaume Ballet/Péter Szilágyi
consensus: fix possessives in comments. (#20209) 
Oct 28
db79143a13c9Martin Holst Swende/GitHub
clef: resolve windows pipes, fixes #20121 (#20166) 
Oct 24
538f763fdc30Piotr Dyraga/Martin Holst Swende
accounts/abi/bind: take into account gas price during gas estimation (#20189) 
Oct 21
d4bb3798d8aagary rong/Felix Lange
miner: add generate and import unit test (#20111) 
Oct 20
08953e42c1b7Marius Kjærstad/Felix Lange
metrics: change links in README.md to https (#20182) 
Oct 20
b9299bbc4656Marius Kjærstad/Felix Lange
dashboard: change links in README to https (#20181) 
Oct 18
9a770659486aMarius Kjærstad/Martin Holst Swende
Changed http:// to https:// on links in log/README.md (#20178) 
Oct 18
a28093ced4e8Jeffery Robert Walsh/Péter Szilágyi
README: use new miner threads flag instead of legacy minerthreads flag (#20165) 
Oct 17
d5b79e752e80Ross/Felix Lange
p2p/simulations: add node properties support and utility functions (#20060) 
Oct 17
73003659561dFelix Lange/Péter Szilágyi
p2p/dnsdisc: update to latest EIP-1459 spec (#20168) 
Oct 16
c476460cb2eaMartin Holst Swende/GitHub
params: check fork ordering when initializing new genesis, fixes #20136 (#20169) 
Oct 16
028af3457d94gary rong/Felix Lange
cmd/utils: fix command line flag resolve (#20167) 
Oct 15
a73f3f45183aFelix Lange
params: begin v1.9.7 release cycle 
Oct 3
bd05968077f2Felix Lange
params: release Geth v1.9.6 stable 
Oct 3
6e730915bd63Felix Lange/Péter Szilágyi
les: add empty "les" ENR entry for servers (#20145) 
Oct 2
c713ea7c222cDarrel Herbst/Felix Lange
cmd/bootnode: fix exit behavior with -genkey (#20110) 
Oct 2
7f5f62aaa082Martin Holst Swende/Péter Szilágyi
tests: update test suite for istanbul (#20082) 
Oct 2
b2f696e0258ckikilass/Péter Szilágyi
github: Added capital P (#20139) 
Sep 30
62b43ee0d517Péter Szilágyi/GitHub
Merge pull request #20133 from karalabe/measure-subprotocol-traffic 
Sep 30
a2a60869c8f6Péter Szilágyi
p2p: measure subprotocol bandwidth usage 
Sep 27
df89233b5780gary rong/Péter Szilágyi
ethdb/leveldb: disable seek compaction (#20130) 
Sep 26
ead711779d6eMartin Holst Swende/GitHub
core: initialize current block/fastblock atomics to nil, fix #19286 (#19352) 
Sep 26
2133f18f15a3zcheng9/Martin Holst Swende
core/state: fix database leak and copy tests (#19306) 
Sep 26
1a6ef5ae58abywzqwwt/Martin Holst Swende
core/blockchain: remove block from futureBlocks on error (#19763) 
Sep 26
ad03d9801c40Ryan Schneider/Felix Lange
internal/ethapi: support block number or hash on state-related methods (#19491) 
Sep 26