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accounts/abi: simplify reflection logic (#21058)


accounts/abi: simplify reflection logic (#21058)

  • accounts/abi: simplified reflection logic
  • accounts/abi: simplified reflection logic
  • accounts/abi: removed unpack
  • accounts/abi: removed comments
  • accounts/abi: removed uneccessary complications
  • accounts/abi: minor changes in error messages
  • accounts/abi: removed unnused code
  • accounts/abi: fixed indexed argument unpacking
  • accounts/abi: removed superfluous test cases

This commit removes two test cases. The first one is trivially invalid as we have the same
test cases as passing in packing_test.go L375. The second one passes now,
because we don't need the mapArgNamesToStructFields in unpack_atomic anymore.
Checking for purely underscored arg names generally should not be something we do
as the abi/contract is generally out of the control of the user.

  • accounts/abi: removed comments, debug println
  • accounts/abi: added commented out code
  • accounts/abi: addressed comments
  • accounts/abi: remove unnecessary dst.CanSet check
  • accounts/abi: added dst.CanSet checks


Marius van der Wijden <>Authored on May 13 2020, 3:50 PM
GitHub <>Committed on May 13 2020, 3:50 PM
rGETH677724af0c0d: cmd: fix log contexts (#21077)

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GitHub <> committed rGETHf3f1e59eea92: accounts/abi: simplify reflection logic (#21058) (authored by Marius van der Wijden <>).May 13 2020, 3:50 PM