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all: on-chain oracle checkpoint syncing (#19543)

Authored by gary rong <> on Jun 28 2019, 7:34 AM.


all: on-chain oracle checkpoint syncing (#19543)

  • all: implement simple checkpoint syncing

cmd, les, node: remove callback mechanism

cmd, node: remove callback definition

les: simplify the registrar

les: expose checkpoint rpc services in the light client

les, light: don't store untrusted receipt

cmd, contracts, les: discard stale checkpoint

cmd, contracts/registrar: loose restriction of registeration

cmd, contracts: add replay-protection

all: off-chain multi-signature contract

params: deploy checkpoint contract for rinkeby

cmd/registrar: add raw signing mode for registrar

cmd/registrar, contracts/registrar, les: fixed messages

  • cmd/registrar, contracts/registrar: fix lints
  • accounts/abi/bind, les: address comments
  • cmd, contracts, les, light, params: minor checkpoint sync cleanups
  • cmd, eth, les, light: move checkpoint config to config file
  • cmd, eth, les, params: address comments
  • eth, les, params: address comments
  • cmd: polish up the checkpoint admin CLI
  • cmd, contracts, params: deploy new version contract
  • cmd/checkpoint-admin: add another flag for clef mode signing
  • cmd, contracts, les: rename and regen checkpoint oracle with abigen


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Péter Szilágyi <> committed rGETHf7cdea2bdcd7: all: on-chain oracle checkpoint syncing (#19543) (authored by gary rong <>).Jun 28 2019, 7:34 AM