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crypto: signing builds with signify/minisign (#21798)


crypto: signing builds with signify/minisign (#21798)

  • internal/build: implement signify's signing func
  • Add signify to the ci utility
  • fix output file format
  • Add unit test for signify
  • holiman's + travis' feedback
  • internal/build: verify signify's output
  • crypto: move signify to common dir
  • use go-minisign to verify binaries
  • more holiman feedback
  • crypto, ci: support minisign output
  • only accept one-line trusted comments
  • configurable untrusted comments
  • code cleanup in tests
  • revert to use ed25519 from the stdlib
  • bug: fix for empty untrusted comments
  • write timestamp as comment if trusted comment isn't present
  • rename line checker to commentHasManyLines
  • crypto: added signify fuzzer (#6)
  • crypto: added signify fuzzer
  • stuff
  • crypto: updated signify fuzzer to fuzz comments
  • crypto: repro signify crashes
  • rebased fuzzer on build-signify branch
  • hide fuzzer behind gofuzz build flag
  • extract key data inside a single function
  • don't treat \r as a newline
  • travis: fix signing command line
  • do not use an external binary in tests
  • crypto: move signify to crypto/signify
  • travis: fix formatting issue
  • ci: fix linter build after package move

Co-authored-by: Marius van der Wijden <>


Guillaume Ballet <>Authored on Nov 27 2020, 11:13 AM
GitHub <>Committed on Nov 27 2020, 11:13 AM
rGETH429e7141f2f4: p2p/discover: fix deadlock in discv5 message dispatch (#21858)

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GitHub <> committed rGETHfa572cd2971f: crypto: signing builds with signify/minisign (#21798) (authored by Guillaume Ballet <>).Nov 27 2020, 11:13 AM