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Merge tag 'v1.8.24' of https://github.com/ethereum/go-ethereum

Authored by sorpaas on Apr 8 2019, 6:16 PM.


Merged Changes

4e13a09c5033Péter Szilágyi/GitHub
Merge pull request #19370 from karalabe/geth-1.8.24 
Apr 8 2019
009d2fe2d650Péter Szilágyi
params, swarm: release Geth v1.8.24 (noop Swarm 0.3.12) 
Apr 8 2019
e872ba7a9e81Martin Holst Swende/Péter Szilágyi
eth, les, geth: implement cli-configurable global gas cap for RPC calls (#19401) 
Apr 8 2019
9d9c6b5847bfFelix Lange/Péter Szilágyi
p2p/discover: bump failure counter only if no nodes were provided (#19362) 
Apr 8 2019
8ca64548077ePéter Szilágyi
params: set Rinkeby Petersburg fork block (4th May, 2019) 
Apr 8 2019
0e63a70505e0Péter Szilágyi
core: minor code polishes + rebase fixes 
Apr 8 2019
f1b00cffc828rjl493456442/Péter Szilágyi
core: re-omit new log event when logs rebirth 
Apr 8 2019
442320a8aee3Péter Szilágyi
travis: update builders to xenial to shadow Go releases 
Apr 8 2019
af401d03a395Martin Holst Swende/Péter Szilágyi
all: simplify timestamps to uint64 (#19372) 
Apr 8 2019
80a2a35bc3aaPéter Szilágyi
trie: there's no point in retrieving the metaroot 
Apr 8 2019
fca5f9fd6fc8Péter Szilágyi
common/fdlimit: fix macos file descriptors for Go 1.12 
Apr 2 2019
38c30f8dd897Péter Szilágyi
light, params: update CHTs, integrate CHT for Goerli too 
Apr 2 2019