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systemd: 243.4 -> 243.7

Authored by Florian Klink <> on Feb 18 2020, 8:46 PM.


systemd: 243.4 -> 243.7

This bumps to the latest state of the systemd 242 stable, published at

Should cover CVE-2020-1712.

Git Log:

f8dd0f2f15 (tag: v243.7, systemd-stable/v243-stable) Revert "Support Plugable UD-PRO8 dock"
1a5428c2ab hibernate-resume-generator: wait "infinitely" for the resume device
eb3148c468 (tag: v243.6) hwdb: update to v245-rc1
f14fa558ae Fix typo in function name
fb21e13e8e polkit: when authorizing via PK let's re-resolve callback/userdata instead of caching it
2e504c92d1 sd-bus: introduce API for re-enqueuing incoming messages
4d80c8f158 polkit: use structured initialization
54791aff01 polkit: on async pk requests, re-validate action/details
81532beddc polkit: reuse some common bus message appending code
4441844d58 bus-polkit: rename return error parameter to ret_error
31a1d569db shared: split out polkit stuff from bus-util.c → bus-polkit.c
560eb5babf test: adapt to the new capsh format
275b266bde meson: update efi path detection to gnu-efi-3.0.11
9239154545 presets: "disable" all passive targets by default
a827c41851 shared/sysctl-util: normalize repeated slashes or dots to a single value
fb1bfd6804 dhcp6: do not use T1 and T2 longer than one provided by the lease
ca43a515c6 network: fix implicit type conversion warning by GCC-10
421eca7edf bootspec: parse random-seed-mode line in loader.conf
34e21fc6de sd-boot: fix typo
df7b3a05c9 test: Synchronize journal before reading from it
9326efee71 sd-bus: fix introspection bug in signal parameter names
7bbdc56aaf efi: fix build.
486f8ca365 generator: order growfs for the root fs after systemd-remount-fs
56d442e29d loginctl: use /org/freedesktop/login1/session/auto when "lock-session" is called without argument
6ed1152282 Documentation update for x-systemd.{before,after}
dba3efa34a man: fix typo in systemd.netdev Xfrm example
6f9a8621d8 timesyncd: log louder when we refuse a server due to root distance
0637255d3b resolved: drop DNSSEC root key that is not valid anymore
9a135baa40 journal: don't use startswith() on something that is not a NUL-terminated string
1ff3972a0f test: add test for
cac79b606b core: make sure StandardInput=file: doesn't get dup'ed to stdout/stderr by default
906ba9a67d pkgconf: add full generator paths
01b93e2c68 tree-wide: we forgot to destroy some bus errors
5c9455657e mount: make checks on perpetual mount units more lax
28c58beca1 core: never allow perpetual units to be masked
d3b044b3e7 typo: "May modify to" -> "May modify"
fd378d3d3c sysctl: downgrade message when we have no permission
db4fbf5c61 Clarify journald.conf MaxLevelStore documentation
c8365f71c0 logind: refuse overriding idle hint on tty sessions
cd91f567b6 cgroup: update only siblings that got realized once
c672dcd212 mount: mark an existing "mounting" unit from /proc/self/mountinfo as "just_mounted"
a592a40564 journalctl: Correctly handle combination of --reverse and --lines (fixes #1596)
0aa144ab1d journalctl: Correctly handle --show-cursor in combination with --until or --since and --reverse
3b803a5e66 core: fix re-realization of cgroup siblings
7549dd40fc core: propagate service state to socket in more load states
af6df343b2 man: describe "symlink" and "systemctl link" explicitly in UNIT FILE LOAD PATH
a3c1ce25a7 core: be more restrictive on the dependency types we allow to be created transiently
2b9ec8384c udev: don't import parent ID_FS_ data on partitions
ecd95c507c man: fix option name
0d4f06156b Support Plugable UD-PRO8 dock
7fba869abd gpt-auto: don't assume XBOOTLDR is vfat
494c281b67 man: fix documentation of IBM VIO device naming
7271fb056a man: slightly extend documentation on difference between ID_NET_NAME_ONBOARD and ID_NET_LABEL_ONBOARD
852ae28e68 boot: fix osrel parser
2613200370 udev: do not use exact match of file permission
46477397c1 network: lower the log-level of harmless message
7163b1fe86 hwdb: ignore keys added in kernel 5.5
92f90837dc systemctl: skip non-existent units in the 'cat' verb
a67227cc99 systemd.exec: document the file system for EnvironmentFile paths
cfb4c0aca5 systemd-analyze: fixed typo in documentation
017fddd998 test-condition: fix group check condition
9d5e3cb774 umount: show correct error message
252f1a5277 Revert "Drop dbus activation stub service"
20bbfac95e man: add section about user manager units
c93ef60212 man: add remote-*.targets to the bootup sequence
55e0f99689 time-util: also use 32bit hack on EOVERFLOW
7afe2ecb02 [man] note which UID ranges will get user journals
a43b67a4c9 [man] fix URL
dedb26a8d6 analyze: badness if neither of RootImage and RootDirectory exists
714c93862a initrd: make udev cleanup service confict trigger and settle too
8932407ae1 man: we support growing xfs too these days
19af11dc07 time-util: deal with systems where userspace has 64bit time_t but kernel does not
c90229d81d [import] fix stdin/stdout pipe behavior in import/export tar/raw
39910328da cryptsetup-generator: unconfuse writing of the device timeout
fc5e6c87a4 shared/install: log syntax error for invalid DefaultInstance=
409c94a407 shared/install: provide a nicer error message for invalid WantedBy=/Required= values
70e8c1978a seccomp: real syscall numbers are >= 0
a0a1977d9a seccomp: more comprehensive protection against libseccomp's __NR_xyz namespace invasion
7f936c60d5 network: set ipv6 mtu after link-up or device mtu change
b59d88cc62 man: fix typo in net-naming-scheme man page
c5e5ac0958 man: fix typos (#14304)
9a2f26564d ipv4ll: do not reset conflict counter on restart
bc9e1ebfdd Fix typo (duplicate "or")
c6cb71b7e7 network: if /sys is rw, then udev should be around
67dcdfd956 nspawn: do not fail if udev is not running
a7938a1bc6 Create parent directories when creating systemd-private subdirs
53aa44f873 network: do not return error but return UINT64_MAX if speed meter is disabled
65abf12674 core: swap priority can be negative
b1cf452ff5 systemctl: enhance message about kexec missing kernel
07a0e5b425 man: use mkswap@ instead of makeswap@
57dc017c6b journald: don't ask for the machine ID if we don't need it
ac392a57c0 journalctl: pager_close() calls fflush(stdout) anyway as first thing
ee7dfadc82 journald: remove unused field
471073f1b5 journalctl: return EOPNOTSUPP if pcre is not enabled
002ededb61 man: drop reference to machined, add one for journald instead
fd3bd4be3b pid1: make TimeoutAbortSec settable for transient units
eb2ef4d664 pid1: fix setting of DefaultTimeoutAbortSec
1d75e29b23 shared/ask-password-api: modify keyctl break value
a16b1ee7e5 cryptsetup: reduce the chance that we will be OOM killed
4836fb010a core: write out correct field name when creating transient service units
3e2c547f6d udevd: don't use monitor after manager_exit()
d42f7d45a8 Revert "udevd: fix crash when workers time out after exit is signal caught"
c9a287eee8 man/ Add missing verb *be*
a67a3ae04b man: document all pager variables for systemctl and systemd
3a8fce3f38 core.timer: fix "systemd-analyze dump" and docs syntax inconsistencies wrt OnTimezoneChange=
fdffd284b6 core/service: downgrade "scheduling restart" message to debug
733e7f19d3 travis: add missing closing quote sign
0d7b7817fc systemd-tmpfiles: don't install timer when service isn't installed either
0e7f83cd2b pam_systemd: prolong method call timeout when allocating session


Florian Klink <>Feb 24 2020, 3:55 PM
sorpaasMar 22 2020, 6:16 PM
sorpaasMar 22 2020, 6:14 PM
rNIXPKGS17331278ee2a: Merge staging-next into staging

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